Dog Portrait Photography Northampton

Dog photography in the wild!

Welcome to my passion. I love to see a dog and their owner enjoying themselves interacting in a natural enviroment.

I take my clients on a photoshoot that lasts for the minimum of an hour, although in reality this normally becomes an hour and a half for one dog, or two hours for two or more dogs. My record at the moment stands at six dogs all at the same time! The photoshoot will take place outside either on their favourite walk or at one of my carefully researched venues. I like to use venues with a wide variety of topography. Trees, long grass, short grass, streams, lakes, hills, flowers. At the end of the session I am usually wet, muddy, covered in hair and slobber and all sorts of other unmentionables following my quest to provide my clients with some stunning images.

If you prefer a more structured and formal session then a studio photoshoot may be just the thing. I can set up the mobile studio in your home where we can produce pictures against a variety of backgrounds of both your dog and family.

If your much loved companion is getting on in years a much quieter shoot can be arranged at home, in and around the house and garden where I can produce that image you will treasure forever.

For further information or to make a booking please call Mark on 07968533809 or go to the Contact Us page.

To see examples from some of our shoots go to the Galleries.